Plant-Based Foods: Designing Ingredient,
Formulation and Consumer
Opportunities from the Ground Up

Though the plant-based market has ballooned to $4.5 billion thanks to consumers’
growing appetites for alternative proteins, current approaches to food ingredient
innovation consistently fail to fully meet, let alone defy, expectations — especially in
the critical areas of flavor and texture. To keep consumers coming back for more, the
food industry must appeal to all senses and offer a level of versatility and nutrition that
consumers crave.

In this symposium from this year’s IFT virtual event, Motif FoodWorks CTO Mike
Leonard, alongside a curated network of world-class scientists and researchers,
unveiled Motif’s holistic approach to science. Mike shares how Motif and its partners
are enabling the food industry to better understand all the individual parts of the food
experience and design truly innovative, breakthrough solutions that lead to better,
more nutritious plant-based products.

A new, holistic approach—that combines science and technology in novel ways—provides the opportunity to significantly improve our
ability to design and deliver superior plant-based foods to consumers.

How a knowledge of structural design principles can be used to facilitate the creation of higher quality and more sustainable plant-
based products, with an emphasis on plant-based milk.

How different measurement techniques that can capture the physics of oral processing have the potential to impact the way we
design food structures in plant-based foods.

Breaking down the interfacial and rheological properties that influence the way people perceive food with every bite
of a food experience.

A look at novel approaches for formulating plant-protein matrices that resemble the fibrous structures found in animal muscle, with an
aim of clarifying how to design plant-based meat structures that closely resemble animal-derived meat.

How studying rheological properties that govern plant-based foods material properties under specific conditions, from formulation,
processing to consumption, can improve the food industry’s ability to formulate better tasting plant-based meat and dairy analogues.

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