Unleashing the promise
of plant-based foods

We are Motif FoodWorks

A completely different kind of food-technology company

We make plant-based food better by analyzing, discovering and designing differently

The result? Crave-worthy food that’s better
tasting, more nutritious and sustainable

Analyze Discover Design
Analyze / differently
Nobody gets plant-based food like we do. Our new approaches extract deep technical and consumer insights

Discover / differently
Only cutting-edge thinking need apply. Our scientific expertise paired with an advanced network of partners allows us to discover plant-based breakthroughs in record time
Design / differently
It’s not one thing — it’s everything. Our holistic process balances sensory outcomes like taste and texture with deep technical, culinary and production know-how


Rich, meaty taste, texture and appearance.
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Smoother, richer and creamier without the use of animals.
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Enhanced nutrition, texture and appearance. And unique forms that inspire new categories.
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Motif FoodWorks Launches Plant-Based, Finished Format Portfolio at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show
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Motif FoodWorks Partners with IngredientWerks to Explore Creating Animal-Free Heme From Corn
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Motif FoodWorks explores molecular farming for heme proteins as precision fermentation capacity bottleneck bites
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