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unleash the promise
of plant-based foods

We are Motif FoodWorks

We are an ingredient innovation company committed to making plant-based foods better tasting, more nutritious and totally crave-worthy.

You're an innovator, so are we

We help our customers unlock new possibilities for plant-based food. Motif is equal parts people, process, technology and pure passion — we understand what it takes to make great innovation work.

We are pioneering a holistic approach that combines proprietary insights and technology with our exclusive network of partners in novel ways to get new, better answers — benefiting everyone and our planet.

We are rewriting food design rules

By reinventing the way science is applied we can close the gaps between what consumers want and what they get.

We are unlocking the secret building blocks of food, revealing different answers and exciting possibilities, and allowing better plant-based food choices.

Changing the ingredients changes everything

Our goal is to defy expectations of what animal-free alternatives can be. We innovate new food ingredients and solutions to create completely new food applications with transformed taste, texture and appearance while achieving better nutrition, and performance.

What we do

To achieve game-changing solutions we start with the consumer - gathering our own proprietary insights then synthesizing these to identify the most important gaps that inform and prioritize our innovation and technology pathways. We dynamically integrate and apply technology to each building block layer of food balancing the improvements to create complete, harmonious solutions.

Meat alternatives

Better taste, texture and appearance without the use of animals

Dairy alternatives

Better texture, performance and nutritional benefits without the use of animals

Plant-based performance

Better complete plant-based proteins and new food forms entirely

Ginkgo Bioworks - our partner in technology

A great idea is only as good as the ability to get it to market. We have an exclusive partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, the global leader in their field. With unparalleled access to Ginkgo’s software and hardware enabled foundries, Motif is uniquely positioned to enable a profound expansion of food understanding.

Our network of partners gives us competitive advantage

We understand the power of expertise so we assembled a select, unique network of partnerships with leading academic institutions to focus on the biggest challenges with us - we are combining science and technologies to make big breakthroughs - accelerating our time to market.

Academic Partners

Improving the texture of plant-based meats through in vitro oral processing methods.

Optimizing the process of characterizing functional properties of food proteins.

Improving fat performance in plant-based foods for better taste, texture and appearance.

Measuring and refining advanced rheological properties for improved processing and sensory performance of plant-based formulations.

Exploring engineering paradigms to understand the influence of plant-based ingredients from processing, to mouthfeel properties of food.

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