2 out of 3 consumers
Would eat more plant-based
options over meat if those
products tasted better

2 out of 3 consumers
Would eat more plant-based
options over meat if those
products tasted better

Our plant-based alternatives do just that

Motif BeefWorks™

Plant-Based Burger Patties
Available now
Plant-Based Ground available in 2023

Motif PorkWorks™

Plant-Based formats
Available later in 2023

Motif ChickenWorks™

Plant-based formats
Available in 2023

We offer a range of better tasting,
more authentic finished options for foodservice,
distributors and retailers with private labels.


Would eat the burger regularly


Would buy the burger again

A product that
your customers
will buy – again
and again.

The results for our Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Burger Patties alone speak for themselves. In a limited time offer with quick-service chain Coolgreens, we trialed our burger in a food service setting with compelling results.

We tested our Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Burger Patties with consumers.
Here’s what they said:


Preferred the burger over a leading plant-based brand at retail


Of consumers said they would eat the burger every day

the secret?

We pair our culinary expertise
with our breakthrough food-tech
to create a more authentic,
meaty experience.

for taste




for texture




LINEEasy to integrate

For foodservice providers, Motif develops its products to integrate seamlessly into existing kitchens, so the focus is on the customer experience not team training.

No Capital

Cooks the Same

No Training Required

Versatile across
a range of dishes

We recently asked three celebrity chefs to use our Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Ground in new and alternative ways. Here’s what their creativity unleashed:


All-American sloppy Joe

by Chef Chloe Coscarelli

Szechuan dan dan noodles

by H Woo Lee

Tex-mex crunch wrap

by Owen Han


Food industry and culinary experise meets breakthrough
science and technology

Jonathan McIntyre Chief Executive Officer Read Bio
Chief Executive Officer Formerly Head of R&D at Indigo Agriculture, SVP R&D at PepsiCo, and SVP at DuPont- Solae, Jon has more than 25 years in life sciences and consumer products. He’s an accomplished executive with broad experience leading technology teams, discovery and development scientists, culinary chefs, and commercial leaders. He has a passion for servant leadership, a track record of developing talent, and believes that biotechnology will propel the next food revolution through affordable, sustainable and accessible ingredients. Jon is a member of Motif’s Board of Directors.
Read Bio
Michael Leonard Chief Technology Officer Read Bio
Formerly VP and Head of R&D for White Space Innovation and Commercialization at Kraft Heinz, Mike brings more than 16 years of industrial science and technology experience to lead Motif’s technical strategy and build out its R&D capabilities. Previously Mike was Vice President of Process Technology for Global Snacks R&D at PepsiCo, and he held leadership roles in process and protein ingredient research, business development and strategy at IFF and DuPont Nutrition and Health. Mike has a proven track record leading global teams to deliver innovation across developing and emerging markets.
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